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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
Taiping Island Scientific Expedition-Announcement

Taiping Island Scientific Expedition-Announcement

(August 23, 2018)

Taiping Island, also known as Itu Aba Island, is situated at about 10o 22’ N 114o21’, in the Spratly Islands of South China Sea. The understudied island is now open to investigators for scientific purposes.

Tentative Dates: December, 2018 and March-April, 2019


Kaohsiung to Taiping, 3-d cruise on CGA ships

Taiping Island, 6-d (Plan A), 24-day (Plan B). Plan A or B will be announced when available.

Taiping Island to Kaohsiung, 3-d cruise on CGA same ships.

Equipment (made) available on Taiping Island to scientific teams

Oceanographic component: Small boats, SCUBA

Bring your own BC, regulator, fin, mask, collection tools, chemical supplies, etc

Atmospheric component: surface meteorological & air quality station, all-sky imager, ceilometer and ballooning radiosonde.


Basic, Taiping Command-CGA takes care of rooms, space, food, safety, clinics (24-h surgeon), coast guard. 4-G telecommunication and internet through ChungHwa Telecom only.


1.Taiping Island is a military zone. Security clearance in advance is needed (send passport color scans at least 3 months in advance.)

2. The cost from Kaohsiung to Taiping, Taiping stay, and the return trip are covered by a Ministry of Science & Technology project to NSYSU (Taiwan). This include: transport on CGA ships, rooms during the trip, all logistic support, accommodation on the island. You need to join the meal plan of the group and pay for the cost.

3. Barges transport supplies to Taiping Island at about 1.5-month intervals, independent of CGA ships for personnel.

4. Send application or letter of intent with a concise proposal (1 page at present stage) to Professor Keryea Soong at of Department of Oceanography, National Sun Yat-sen University, or Professor Po-Hsiung Lin, at, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, National Taiwan University.

5. Availability limited, and only scientists are qualified to apply. Local collaborator(s) from Taiwan are needed.

This is a multi-year project, please plan your research accordingly.

Keryea Soong 宋克義 
Professor, Department of Oceanography
PI, Dongsha Atoll Research Station
National Sun Yat-sen University
Kaohsiung, Taiwan