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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
Charge Rates for Boats and Scuba Tanks in Dongsha Atoll Research Station -2018

Charge Rates for Boats and Scuba Tanks in Dongsha Atoll Research Station -2018

Atoll 2 and Atoll 6

1.     For profit organizations, 50,000NT$/day.

2.     Non-profit organizations, 20,000 NT$/day.

3.     Research projects sponsored by MOST or NSYSU, 15,000NT$/day. PI and Co-PI of the DARS project 7,500NT$/day

4.     Official duties on Dongsha Island, free of charge (paid for by the DARS project).

5.     Exclusive use requires prior written application and approval, no on-site application is accepted, 50,000NT$/day.

6.     Each day has an 8-h duration. 50% charge for <4 h use. Time exceeding 8-h will be charged at 15% of the daily rate per additional hour. Night use incurs 50% additional fee.

7.     Shared-use, the default, shares the cost and is counted by numbers of people using the boats.

8.     The teams using the boats are expected to have a designated sailor helping with anchoring and docking.

Other vessels

There is no charge for other vessels, e.g., Atoll-1 (application to Marine National Park), Walker-Bay, Jet-Ski, Kayak, raft, SUP, AUV. License and/or on-site check-out are necessary before operation of the vessels. Users are expected to follow the SOP of cleaning up after use.

 Scuba tanks

        For-profit organizations:250NT$/cylinder; Non-profit organizations: 150NT$/cylinder.     User are expected to learn how to fill up the tanks on-site, and do the fill-up.