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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
2017 東沙國際海洋研究站 研究實習計畫 Dongsha Internship oppertunity

2017 東沙國際海洋研究站 研究實習計畫

2017 Dongsha Atoll Research Station Internship opportunity

東沙國際海洋研究站影片 Dongsha Atoll Research Station introduction

1. 對象: 大二、大三以上學生,海洋、生物、地球科學相關領域優先考慮。

Qualification: Undergraduate students majoring in natural sciences. Sophomores and Juniors and above are favored.

2. 期間: 寒假、暑假或其它不影響上課期間,每次以三周為原則。

Summer and winter vacations, for a duration of 3 weeks in principle.

3. 內容

a: 這是讓學生實地接觸海洋研究的機會,而不是以學生學習為中心的有組織課程。能學得到的東西,和學生本身的能力、參與、態度,以及當時島上研究人員和正在進行中的研究有很大的關係。

This is an opportunity for students to experience marine researches. No organized classes, but students learn by helping visiting scientists.

b: 主辦單位負擔東沙來回交通、東沙住宿、意外保險及搭伙食費用。

DARS is responsible for arranging transportation between Kaohsiung and Dongsha, room and board, insurance, food service on the island.

申請 Application:



A C/V, including your capabilities related to marine and field works, independent management of your daily activities, career plan, and expectation from this internship, your specialties, all above in two pages. Email above to Mr. JK Chen at Announcement of winners is made in May 1, 2017.

5. 東沙相關資訊Consult the websites below for more information about Dongsha Atoll and the Research Station

主辦 Sponsor: 國立中山大學 海洋科學院、亞太海洋研究中心 College of Marine Sciences, Asia-Pacific Ocean Research Center, National Sun Yat-sen University

承辦 Host: 東沙國際海洋研究站 Dongsha Atoll Research Station