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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
沙灘車 ATV

沙灘車 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

1 本車無保險,駕駛人借出前需了解將負完全責任,包含人員,貨物,車輛本身之毀損。
No insurance cover for the ATV. The driver should take full responsibility of the passengers, equipment, and the ATV itself.
2 本車依法不需要駕駛執照,但是駕駛人仍須具備相當技能及安全常識。
Driver license is not required for the ATV, but the driver should apply common sense and also learn the driving skills before operation.
3 本車使用92無鉛汽油,由研究站人員添加燃料,以避免加錯燃料破壞引擎,妨礙他人 工作。
The ATV uses 92 unleaded gasoline. DARS staff is in charge of refueling.
4 使用完畢需清理乾淨,並以帆布覆蓋以避免日曬雨淋,由借用人負責。
Clean up and cover the vehicle, after each use.
5 本車供一般貨物戴送運用,非供搭載人員,由借用團隊之領隊及駕駛人負責。
The aluminum bucket is only for transporting equipment, not personnel. The driver and the PI should be responsible for enforcing this.

All DARS activities should follow the rules of Coast Guard and Marine National Park.