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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
3.5噸貨卡車 Truck

3.5噸貨車 Truck

1 本車在東沙期間,因無公路,不需要牌照,保險亦不生效力,使用人員需自負各項安全責任,並由領隊負責約束車輛借出後之安全規範。
A license plate is not needed on Dongsha Island, since there is no “recognized road” on the island. Commercial insurance does not cover any incidence involving the truck on Dongsha Island, either. Any users, operators and passengers, need to know this before boarding the vehicle. The PI should take responsibility in instructing the users to be extra prudent, should he allow his team to use the truck.
2 駕駛人需具備汽車駕照。
Driving silence is required to operate the truck.
3 使用前需與本站管理人員溝通協調,獲明確同意使用後須填具使用紀錄,包含里程、車輛狀況。
Approval of DARS staff is needed before using the truck. The operator is responsible for filling out the record booklet after each use. The required information includes: Name of operator, mileage, special conditions, etc.
4 本貨車車斗專供載貨使用,非供人員搭乘, 由借用人(領隊)及駕駛人負責執行。
Passengers are allowed only in the cabin. The Chief Scientist and the operator of the vehicle is responsible for enforcing this rule.
5 本車油料為高級柴油,由研究站工作人員負責添加。
The truck uses diesel. DARS staff is responsible for refueling.
6 使用車尾升降台前,需先向研究站人員學習安全守則。
Learn from DARS staff how to operate the tail lift safely, before use.
7 吊桿僅供具証照人員操作。
A license is required to operate the crane of the truck.
8 用完畢需清理乾淨,由借用人負責。
Clean up the truck after each use.
9 本車為順益汽車(三菱) 捐贈。
The truck is a donation from Mitsubishi-Taiwan.

All DARS activities should follow the rules of Coast Guard and Marine National Park.