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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
環礁五號 Atoll V

環礁2.3.5.6號船舶 Research vessels

1 本節所指船舶包含環礁2號、3號、5號以及6號。
DARS vessels include Atoll II, Atoll III, Atoll V and Atoll VI .
2 開船人員以本站指定人員為限,若有其他需求須經由本站合格人員認可。
DARS assistants are the designated operators of the boats. Others should have prior certification before been field-checked and approved by our staff.
3 使用船舶之研究人員需前一日參加領隊協調會議決定次日航點及航行計畫;原則上以同時同船完成多團隊計畫,互補為原則,輪流主導使用為第二原則,若有爭議由研究站主持人決定。以上狀況若遇國安或緊急救難事件均需配合調整。若有獨享本站任一船隻之需求,請在六個月前書面提出,本站若同意將公告於網頁,以利其他研究團隊規晝。
Boat Plan is decided one day in advance after the meeting among PIs of each team intending to use boats on the island. Multiple groups sharing boats is the principle, or different teams could take turns using the boats. DARS PI has the right to make the final decisions if no compromise could be reached. A written proposal is required when any group needs to use a boat exclusively. The proposal should be sent to DARS PI at least six months prior the day of use. Upon approval, the exclusive use period will be announced on DARS webpage. DARS reserves the right to adjust in emergency situations.
4 同時有兩團隊或以上同船,出海前需明確指定領隊,以資歷、出海經驗、當航次主要任務等等為依據,協調產生。
The Cruise Leader should be clearly designated according to the qualifications, experiences and major missions of the day, when two or more groups are on the boat.
5 航行時間安全規則一律依照船長指示,若有天氣惡劣狀況,船長得決定返航;領隊亦可綜合考量決定返航,其他人員須向領隊反應各自狀況。
The boat operator of DARS is responsible for safety, and could decide an early return. The Cruise Leader could call off the mission and return. Other members should report their condition to the Cruise Leader.
6 船上安全配備包含無線電、救生衣、衛星電話、滅火器等等, 出海前領隊需確認熟悉使用方法,並遵從船長指示確實著裝救生衣,若因研究需要另有安排需明確告知船長及研究人員安全守則。
DARS research boats are equipped with radios, life vests, satellite phones, fire extinguishers. The Cruise Leader should be familiar with those installations before the boats leave the dock. DARS requires that everyone on board to wear life vests. If this practice should interfere with the research, the Cruise Leader could consult with the captain and implement alternative safety measures.
7 使用完畢,需協助船隻清理、加油,由該航次領隊負責協調工作分配。
After using the boat, the Cruise Leader should coordinate the clean-up work to return the boat to pre-use condition, and also assign a person to help refueling.
8 領隊及隊員均應向研究站人員或主持人反映異常現象或改進建議。
The Cruise Leader and all the boat users should report any irregularity and possible improvement to DARS staff or PI.

All DARS activities should follow the rules of Coast Guard and Marine National Park.