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東沙國際海洋研究站(Dongsha Atoll Research Station-South China Sea)
A Marine Station in South China Sea
潛水裝備 Diving gears

潛水器材 Diving equipment

1 氣瓶潛水須具備認證單位發給之潛水證照,不負責實際潛水時之安全仍由領隊負責。
SCUBA diving credential is required. The PI of each team is responsible for daily diving operations.
2 本站工作人員負責研究人員潛水與浮潛能力之確認
DARS requires a dive check, include SCUBA and snorkeling for each person using diving as a tool at Dongsha. No diving activity, either SCUBA or snorkeling, allowed before one passes the check.
3 未通過認證之人員本站不借與潛水器材,亦不同意其利用本站船隻從事潛水工作。
DARS provides equipment and research boats only for approved divers.
4 借出器材需負責每日之保養及維護。
Users should clean up and maintain the equipment after daily use.

All DARS activities should follow the rules of Coast Guard and Marine National Park.